Our Services

What We Offer

Access Employment Network (AEN) is an organization which helps job seekers find employers and vice-versa. This service is designed for people who have had trouble locating steady employment but who want to work.

Expertise to help you meet your vocational goals

AEN trained staff will work with each individual to design a plan outlining the services needed to enable them to reach his or her employment goal and to afford them the opportunity to achieve steady, long-term employment by providing them greater access and choice of employment opportunities.

Assistance Completing Employment Applications

Our team are primed and ready to support you by helping complete and address all of the required application criteria and requirements well in time for any deadlines.

Effective Communications with Employers

We reach out to former corporate contacts, as well as seeking out new corporate partners to actively research potential job opportunities for our client base. Through the use of outreach and marketing strategies we develop and maintain relationships with prospective employers throughout the community.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

With our professional resume writers' help, we created a resume and cover letter from scratch to meet your job requirements. Choosing proficient words, vocabulary, and form through a dedicated cover letter writing team can give people a professional impression.

Email Setup

We assist you in creating an email account and assist everyday email management tasks.

Job Development

Through an in-depth look at your aptitudes and interests, our office determines if your job targets are a viable vocational options and if so, guides you towards resources to secure your desired job. We will perform an in-depth skill analysis to determine what skills clients have acquired throughout their educational and professional history, then identifies specific job titles and industries in which their skills and aptitudes would be best leveraged.

Interviewing Techniques and Questions

When preparing for a job interview, we will provide information on preparation, practice and performance and hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your specific industry, job and experience level.

Vocational Testing

Successful careers are built on individuals tapping into their aptitudes and interests. By administering assessments test, clients are supplied with hard data to assist them in identifying optimal vocational paths and goals specific to their areas of unique ability.

Job Retention Supports

Our retention support will help you to retain your employment if it is at risk due to your disability. We work with you, and can work with your employer too, to achieve the best outcome for you to succeed in competitive employment.